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Hard victory of BC Astana 27octoberHard victory of BC Astana

Today, the capital of Kazakhstan hosted the third round of the VTB United League, in which BC Astana played with BC Krasnie Krylia from Samara,...

Today, the capital of Kazakhstan hosted the third round of the VTB United League, in which BC Astana played with BC Krasnie Krylia from Samara, Russia.
The match of these two teams always is interesting to the fans and basketball experts. These matches always have intrigue, till the last seconds of the match no one knew who will win.
The team from Astana came to this game with full squad. I am glad that Jerry Johnson recovered from the injury he got in a game against CSKA Moscow.
Former player of BC Krasnie Krilya Brion Rush was also ready to win the match against his former club. Rush said before the game that the team from Samara is strong, fast, good defense. But, nevertheless, the capital club will win the match.

Starting line-up of BC Astana was very interesting: Brion Rush, David Simon, Rustam Yargaliev, Branko Cvetkovic and Pat Kalates.
Our guys won the ball at first seconds and started good. Brion Rush got 2 points, in response to this  Julian Wright got 2 points. The score is tied. Pat Kalates with Branko Cvetkovic brought a couple of points. But the opponent did not give up and the score become equal in a minute. Time-out.
After a timeout Jerry Johnson went on the parquet and immediately brought intrigue to the game, brought five consecutive points and led the team forward. As a result – the first period finished in our favor 24:22.

The second period was even harder, it was a close game. On  Janis Blooms’ three poiters Aaron Miles immediately responded with his.  Blooms replaced by Brion Rush, who also pleased with his play, getting hard points. By the end of the period BC Krasnie Krylia come out ahead by 10 points, Boniciolli takes a timeout. But the break did not go to the benefit of our players, and even combinations were good, but the ball did not want to fall into the basket. The second period ended with the score 41:52 in favor of Samara team.
After a long break Astana residents become more active and more attentive. Pat Kalates immediately brought 2 points. Unfortunately, the Astana team made a lot of mistakes and opponent used it. And the score difference has increased to 15. Happily, quarterback Brion Rush, who was a key player in this period, cut the lead to four points. The third period finished with a score of 69-73.

Fourth last period was the most stressful. The intrigue was growing with every shot.
 Minutes seemed like hours. It would seem that the difference in the score is great and Astana residents will not catch up. But it is a sport. Brion Rush equalized the score, Samara were trying hard to go ahead again. With the score 93-90, experienced Jerry Johnson scored a three-pointer and  equalized the game – 93:93! The crowd burst! But then a pair of  Jerry Johnson and Simon got a victory to BC Astana!
98:95 – BC Astana celebrating a victory over the BC Krasnie Krylia.
Statistics: Jerry Johnson – 24 points, Brion Rush – 19 points, David Simon – 14 points.
The head coach of BC Astana Matteo Boniciolli: Congratulations to my players with a good game. But in order to solve large problems, we need to play in the next game more than two quarters. Thanks to all the fans for their support.
The head coach of BC Krasnie Krylia Sergei Bazarevich: It’s a shame to lose the game, which, I believe, we have easily given to BC Astana. Our opponent plays home, their support is good, they that fought till the last seconds. Good fighting qualities. But one miss of  Julian Wright decided everything. It’s a shame, of course, this defeat, but we have the potential, there is work to do.
Congratulations again to BC Astana with a beautiful victory!
Now the team will continue to prepare for the games of the National Championships, which will be already on October 29th-30th, BC Astana plays at home against BC Barsy Atyrau.



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