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Our website continues to introduce to fans of the team the players of the club. Today you will learn many interesting facts about the life of one of the most extraordinary basketball players. He was the first in the BC Astana – left-handed, not having any tattoos, but has the coolest sign of the brotherhood of America. Believes in God, has a Muslim roots. Came to sports starting with soccer! So, let introduce him!
Name: Olasheni Abdul-Jelili Laval
Date of birth: 08.10.1986
Place of birth: Nigeria
Height: 208 cm
Weight: 102 kg
Marital status: Married, one son.
Position: Power Forward/Center
Previous clubs: BC Al- Arabi (Qatar), BC Guadalahara, BC Clavijo (Spain), BC Tezenis Verona (Italy)
– Shane, tell us about yourself, about your family?
– I’m just a humble guy (laughs). I have a wife named Tay, 1 year-old son, his name is Elijah, the biblical name. I have three sisters, 1 older sister, she is 28 years old, and two sisters, twins. Who also, by the way, basketball players, they just 15 years old , but their height is already 180 cm. They are very promising basketball players, in our city Detroit, they are known (smiles).
– Your family has arrived in Astana, how are they? Do you like the city?
– My family is with me now, after playing with the BC Triumph, I went to the airport and met them. They liked the city, but there was not a special opportunity to visit all the places of the capital. Still planning to do it.

– Do you like the city?
– Yes, the city is very beautiful, I like it. People are good-natured, for them I – most exotic and, of course, when they meet me, they are happy (smiling). I don’t have problems in club, partners and coaches and managers of the club are nice to me.
What do you think about the coach Matteo Boniciolli?
– Matteo is a very smart coach. He managed to gather players of an absolutely different styles, nationalities and life views in the same team, now we need a little more time to play. After that, I think we will be one of the strongest teams in the league. Coach Matteo building a very good game, he has an interesting combinations, I’m satisfied with my position in the team.
– Tell me, how you came to basketball?
– I started playing basketball since I was 11. I am originally from Nigeria and my sport life began with a soccer. In 1995, I moved to United States. And there, all my friends were playing basketball. When you are in America, it’s hard not to play basketball, it’s a religion, it’s a number one sport. This is how I came to basketball.
– All American basketball players have a tattoo on their body, you don’t have. Why?
– No, I do not have any tattoos or earrings in the ears. But I have a sign of  "Fraternity” on my body. In America there are various University fraternities. And as a student, I joined one of the most famous fraternities "Omega Psi Phi". There were such famous athletes like Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Jordan in that fraternity. If you notice, I show some signs with hands before the game, it shows my belonging to this fraternity.
– You’re always with a beard. Do people ask you about your religion?
– I am a Christian, but I have a Muslim name Abdul – Jelili. That was the name of my great-grandfather, he was a Muslim. It so happened that some of my family are Muslims and others are Christians. A beard – it’s just a style. It used to be even longer (smiles).
– What is your favorite club?
– Detroit Pistons. I am a fan of all sports, which represents Detroit. I also like LeBron James and sometimes support his team.
– In addition to basketball, what do you love to watch?
– I like soccer, football and athletics.
– Do you have accounts in social networks?
– No. I do not have an Instagram or a Facebook account. I prefer the quiet life. Maybe, I look like crazy, but I’m actually very modest and shy person.
– You are very funny, I saw you dancing during trainings!
– Yes, I’m always like that (smiles). I love to dance, I love to have fun with the team, cheering everyone.
– How to have a rest after the game, after a workout?
– For me it is important to spend all my time with my family, play with my son. I went through a lot in my life. Detroit city, where I grew up, is a very bad city. And I’m glad that I’m alive and I can enjoy life. I’m glad I play basketball, I earn money, I have the opportunity to travel, etc. I have a beautiful son, a beautiful wife, and I ask for nothing more. I appreciate all that I have in life. And for me, first of all, basic human needs are important.
– Do you have a dream?
– I am living my dream. I had the greatest dream – to play in the NBA, but it turned out that I play basketball at a high level here. What could be better?

– Just a couple of words about the upcoming game with BC Krasnie Krilya?
– We will have a very difficult game, a team from Samara – is a very strong opponent. They have a good squad. I also believe that we have all the chances to win the game, and if Jerry comes back, it will be even easier.
– Your wishes to the fans and the people of Astana?
– I want to tell everyone – appreciate life, love life, enjoy every moment! Thanks to everyone who supports us. Our team will do everything to please you with our performance.
Thank you for the interesting conversation, Shane!
– Thank you!



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