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Today, the capital basketball players held their fourth match of VTB United League. BC Astana played away with the champion of Ukraine - BC...

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Tomorrow, on November 3rd, the capital basketball players will play on away their 4th match in the VTB United League. This time the BC Astana will play in...

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Today, the series of Kazakhstan basketball championship games between the capital club Astana and BC Barsy Atyrau has ended in Astana. The capital basketball...


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Today, the capital of Kazakhstan hosted the third round of the VTB United League, in which BC Astana played with BC Krasnie Krylia from Samara,...

One of the leaders of the capital’s basketball team, 28 – year-old powerful forward Pat Kalates, after the first game in the VTB United League is shared with the site of the club his impressions of Astana, said about the first steps in basketball, his tattoos and the upcoming opponent.
– Pat, tell me how you came to basketball?
– I started playing basketball at age of 5. I have a twin brother and one younger brother, three of us started to play since high school. School league in America is strong. I played for a long time in the school league, then had a student league, then become a professional. And here I am.
Is your brother also a professional player?
 – Brother John has ended his career early because of an injury.
Are you similar to each other?
– When were little, we were. Now we are different.
Cheerleaders of our team are interested about your marital status?
– I have a bride in America. In December, we have planned a wedding! And we are expecting a baby!
Congratulations! Well then tell me how you live here?
– I’m fine. I love where I live, this is one of the best apartments in my career, everything is close by: shopping centers,

 mosques, and beautiful architecture. I really like Astana, it’s a modern city, beautiful , with a lot of possibilities. You have everything to live.
– Do you watch any other sports than basketball?
– American football.
Your number  in BC Astana is # 33, why?
– In my sports career I have always played as 12th number. In BC Astana this number is taken by Dmitry Klimov, and I decided to take a number of my younger brother  # 33, he is now playing in the  Memphis Grizzlies , and he’s got #12. We switched our numbers ( laughs).
You have tattoos. Do they mean something?
– I have a few of them, nine to be exact. For example, a tatoo, that all my brothers have,  also there is something from the Bible,  the name of my bride, etc. The first tattoo I got when I was 18 years old, it was the cross. Around me was a lot of negative feelings and I decided to get the cross. And then, when I got a tattoo , it was impossible to stop.
– What music do you like?
– I am a music lover. I listen to everything – from rap to country music.
What food do you like?

– I love steaks, here in Astana, by the way, the steaks are delicious. Also I love to eat sushi. Also, I love Mexican food, something spicy.


Have you tried Kazakh food?
– I tried horse meat, I loved it (smiles).
How does Pat Kalates prepare mentally for a game?
– Nothing special, there is a certain routine about the food. Also, listen to the same music before every game. And I always wear the same socks for the game. But I wash them constantly (laughs).
Just in a couple of days you will play with one of the best clubs in Europe, BC CSKA Moscow. What can you say about your opponent?
– BC CSKA Moscow is a very strong team. I will play in Moscow for the fifth time, and it is always difficult to play there. Now, if you look at the squad of CSKA, it is certainly part of the NBA level, but I think if we run, and we will play at a fast pace , then we will be able to give them fight.
– And finally, say something to the fans of the team?
-First, I want to thank everyone who came to the last game against the BC Triumph  and supported us . Your support is felt and this was reflected in the result. Come back often to our games! And we, in return, will delight you with a beautiful game and victories!
– Thank you for the interview. Good luck in the game!

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