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I work in BC Astana for nearly three years. On duty, and on my free time, I talk to a lot  of players from different countries. It is not my rule or to have "favorites", but this player just can not be ignored. I want to share with our fans and viewers the story of one player … a foreign player, who defends the honor of the flag of BC Astana. This man surprised me with his kindness, humility, and particularly, the Baltic charm.
Let me start by saying that Janis incredibly simple person by nature . Open and friendly. He is interested not only in sports in Kazakhstan , but also the culture of our country. He loves the songs of Grigoriy Leps and blue color. Knows several languages ​​and is considered as one of the most stylish athletes in Latvia. Despite the short time spent in BC Astana, he has already managed to get the love of local fans.

Janis lives in the center of the left side of Astana. He has a comfortable, spacious apartment.
By the way, the number of his apartment – 45!  Like his game number. That’s faith!
– I love that the kitchen has a TV ( laughs). In the morning I have a breakfast and watch the news or listen to music.
On the threshold , I felt  like being "at home", hospitable Janis offered me a cup of tea.
– I do not know how to make a coffee, but I can give you a tea! (smiles)
Despite his wildly popularity in Europe, this man does not consider himself as a star.
In an interview with Janis I told him that when the BC Astana has signed him, it had a huge impact on the basketball environment. Many were pleasantly surprised and talked about the 
incredible success of BC Astana: not every club can get one of the best basketball players in Europe.
At that Janis, replied with a smile :
– I do not consider myself as a star, I’m just doing my job. And try to give all that I can do to BC Astana.
When I was offered a contract with BC Astana, of course for me it was interesting. I thought, why not? I have played in many top clubs in Europe, it’s my first time playing in Asia. I talked with my family and I have decided that I will join BC Astana. I’ve been here before with BC Lietuvos Rytas, and we lost (smiling). I immediately liked your city, your team. I know it’s a strong club. Thus, I am here!
How the team accepted you?
– The accepted me good. I have friendly relations with everyone. I speak Russian, so I don’t have the problems with communication.
By the way, Janis Blooms speaks several languages: Latvian, Spanish, English, Russian, and also speaks some Serbian, Italian and Lithuanian.
In hi first game against BC Triumph Blooms already showed what he can do, gaining 15 points. Although the player was not very happy with his game .
Yes, we won, and that’s the main thing. But we didn’t quite play as coach told as to play. Personally, I could have played better. So, there is work to do.
– You were very emotional during the game, it was seenby howhappyyou were aboutthe scoredgoals!
– Yes, I am ( smiles). To be honest after the game I could not sleep for a long time, until 4 am. Were thinking about the game, and legs hurt badly.
To the question, what he lacks in Astana, and what doeshe miss? Janis responded very democratic:
I miss my family, I miss them. As for the rest, I am satisfied with everything here, your delicious food, a beautiful city, friendly people. Now I have my cousin Kristaps visiting me here. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the match was visited by the embassy staff of Latvia. My  job kills the boredom ( laughs). Here, in Astana, I was at a hockey game, at the game of HC Barys, went to the movies, planning to go to watch a football game. Soon the family will come here, my wife and I want to go to your new theater "Astana Opera" to any play.
– You’re a very versatile man!
I just like to learn something new, wherever I was, I try to visit all the interesting activities. Sometimes we need to rest from basketball.
When I’m in Riga, during the holidays, my wife and I go to concerts. Just at this time "New Wave"  held in Jurmala.
– Do you know Grigoriy Leps? – asked me Janis. Of course! – I responded.
– During the "New Wave", Leps performed his hit song about living in London. – Janis continues. – It’s fantastic! He has such a gorgeous voice, everyone standed an sang along. This energy is amazing. I 
loved it. By the way, it was his debut, the song no one knew, I first heard it( laughs).
During the interview, Janis often referred to his family. In general, after talking with him, I realized that Janis is a wonderful family man, a loving father and husband.
– My family lives in Riga. I have two beautiful children, son Robert, he is 8 years old, he goes to school, and daughter Amanda, she’s only 2 years. Wife Liene bringing up hte children. We already married for 9 years. She speaks Russian better than I do (smiling).
– Janis, in your career, You had many coaches. What can you say about Boniciolli?
– Matteo Boniciolli – is a professional. With him I have a good relationship. We understand each other. Yes, it is different on the floor, and he can shout and swear at us, he is very picky. We understand it. But out of the parquet after a workout, we are always able to communicate with him. It can give advice, we can talk about life. This is very important to have such warm relations with a coach. Here in BC Astana Matteo reveals me differently, I can play as point guard and defender, and sometimes a third number. The main thing is that it brings benefit to the team.
– Do you consider yourself a leader on the team?
– No, I do not. Yes, I can go in the top five. But I’m not a leader, I can be most productive, but it ‘s my job, I am doing what I 
can. In the Latvian national team I was captain, it’s a kind of leadership. Yes, I would act like the captain in the locker room to, encourage players, point someone’s mistake. And yes, that’s the work of the captain! Captain – is the leader. (smiles)
Janis is an interesting to speak with, it was clear right away. He was interested in everything. Starting from how I got into basketball and if I was interested to work with men, ending up with how BC Astana celebrates holidays and where we can eat delicious barbecue?
– Christmas is coming – says Janis – how do you celebrate? What do you give to each other?
He offered to celebrate the holidays all together, the administration of the club and the players. – We are interested to have conversations with you. – Janis says .
When asked whether he probyval national Kazakh cuisine , Janis said that has not had time , but heard a lot about the Kazakh food and will soon be sure to try .
– I so want to eat good tasty barbecue . Anton Ponomarev promised me to entertain them , now only games will be held .
In return, I promised to treat Janis wth good Beshparmak!
The conversation took a long time over a cup of tea. Janis showed pictures of his family and told me what they are doing now.
– I had a busy day. Today I was called to a reception at the Embassy of Latvia, and have a training tomorrow. We should be preparing for the game against CSKA Moscow.
Finally Janis appealed to fans of Kazakhstan:
– You have a very developed sport in the country, and I watch boxing and judo and hockey, and cycling, you are known around the world! Now and basketball club Astana know many people. I’d like people to come to our games and share with us the joy! Support us, we feel it! Thank the audience for their support in the game against the CB Triumph. But we want more, we will try our best for you.
I am confident that with the start of the season in Astana, basketball will be popular not only here in the capital, but also in Kazakhstan. I watch the news and I know that two teams from Aktau and Atyrau play in Baltic league and play well. Maybe in a few years, another team from Kazakhstan will join the VTB League, which will be great for sports in Kazakhstan.
On a personal thank Janis for such an interesting conversation and hospitality.
Almira Shahaeva.


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