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Maxim Voeikov

As is known this weeks in the capital of Kazakhstan basketball players of "Astana" started educational training collecting under the direction of Vitaly Strebkov. On collecting there are only Kazakhstan players of the club. Tomorrow the Serbian player Luka Drcha will join them. For other members their first collecting as a part of "Astana" will take place in August in Slovenia.

As is known after the ending of the Kazakhstan Championship the club prolonged contracts for the next season with 4 of 6 Kazakhstan players: Anton Ponomarev, Rustam Yargaliyev, Pavel Ilyin and Dmitry Klimov. A question under what "flag" will continue the next season Maxim Voyeykov and Vsevolod Fadeykin remained open.

And today, on June 6 "Astana" prolonged the contract with Maxim Voyeykov for a season. The reason of so late signing we have found out from him.

- Maxim, we congratulate you with extension of the contract with "Astana". Tell us, why the decision of this question lingered so long? What was the reason?

- Thanks a lot. There weren’t serious reasons for this, I just left for home early - right after the final, therefore didn't manage to prolong the contract. On return to Astana, everything was adjusted. The club managers were also in the city, we met and legally issued my further stay in "Astana".

- Can you say, were you sure, that they prolong the contract with you or still there were any doubts?

- How to say, probably, after all I was sure (laughs)! Already by the season end, both а coach Matteo and the club manager talked to me, and we agreed in opinions at once. I am satisfied with everything in "Astana". For us excellent conditions are created. I am glad that I can play for this club in the forthcoming season. I will try to help club much more, much better!

- Thanks Maxim. Good luck to you.

- Thank you.

The destiny of the second player of the club Vsevolod Fadeykin for the present isn't solved. Vsevolod is at present in Almaty where he is passing educational exams. The manager of the club hopes that on Vsevolod's arrival to Astana, the contract will be prolonged.

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