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The league of VTB will fine clubs for a failure of telesignal provision from matches

VTB United League Council on basketball made the decision to enter the system of penalties for clubs which can't provide a television signal from matches on the countries participating in tournament, the president of VTB League Sergey Ivanov declared at press conference.

On Sunday in "President hotel" there was a meeting of VTB United League Councilwhere there were representatives of all clubs participating in tournament, and representatives of national federations. In mid-April the president of Euroleague Zhordi Bertomeu declared that VTB League acquired the right to delegate clubs to Euro cups. On "The Final of four" of VTB United League which passed on May 2-3 in Vilnius, Ivanov declared that the Euroleague provided to tournament an additional place in qualification of the main Euro cup outside the limits of national quotas.

"We decided to enter financial penalties for teams which leagues don’t observes the regulations in respect of providing a television signal on other participating countries of VTB United League”, - Ivanov said.

"Also due to the increase in the number of participating teams and the number of matches the team, ranked 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th places won’t receive prize money" - he added.

For the Russian clubs limit on foreign players next season will remain the same.
"The next season, the rule on the legionnaires - two Russian on the court - remains in force for the Russian team. For Russian clubs is necessary to have the budget. But I want to note that the Russian VTB United League clubs will always be a part less than foreign ones. Max nine per twenty ", - said Ivanov. In Russia, the selection of the European Cups will take place only through the VTB United League, and the federation of other countries has the right to choose between a national championship and the VTB League.

"Matches of VTB League VTB will always take place on Monday and Sunday, Euroleague matches - Thursday and Friday. Here in other days let the federation decide when to hold games of the national championship. The priority for clubs - Euroleague, then VTB United League, and then national championships", - said Ivanov.

The format of VTB League qualifying tournament will be approved in a month.

"Wishers to play in VTB League there are lots.The third Ukrainian club, the third Lithuanian, the second Polish. Russian "Triumph" just from a sports position showed the force. We haven’t solved yet, whether the club will play in a qualifications or at once in (main) tournament. In a month there will be a technical meeting where we learn, how many clubs in general want to play qualifications. Possibility to give a television signal for translations, the airport, hotels will be obligatory requirements for them, and on condition of financial solvency we can consider their participation in qualification", - the president of league explained.

Ivanov noticed that the worst team following the results of a season, probably, will play qualifications. According to him, the desire to participate in VTB United League qualification was expressed by the Swedish club "Norcheping Dolfins".


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