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On July 19 in Moscow was a VTB League Council that approved the composition of the participants and the format of the tournament in the season-2015 / 16. The meeting was attended by General Director of Astana Valery Tikhonenko.

Samara Krasniye Krilya leaves the competition. To the number of 16 teams entered the Georgian League club Vita (Tbilisi). Junior League of basketball club Vita was founded in Tbilisi in 1992 and till 2008 they 7 times won the championship of Georgia.


The first round of VTB United League is scheduled for October 3-4. The exact dates of the matches will be announced later.


In the first match of the season Astana will play away with Nizhny Novgorod.



Director General of BC Astana Valery Tikhonenko:
– I am very glad that the League develops. On board there were no big surprises, except for replacing the Samara team Krasniye Krilya with Georgian club Vita. I am sure, will be a worthy replacement, knowing the Georgian basketball, which always gathers a huge number of fans at their stands.
The system of the competition remains the same, and it pleases. Teams will hold the championship in 2 rounds, home and away. So, our fans have the opportunity to see all the participants in the VTB League home games of Astana.
With regard to the date of the matches, at the moment we already have a preliminary calendar, the first game with the Nizhny Novgorod will be held away. At the meeting it was proposed to take place before August 15, the final date of the matches. Also, I want to note that the basketball club Astana is a basic team of the National Team, which will participate in the Asian Championship in the city of Changsha (China) from 22 September to 4 October. In this connection, the Astana will begin the championship in the league VTB later scheduled start.