Первый матч сезона и первая победа! 09Октября Первый матч сезона и первая победа!

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Сегодня на Азиатских играх завершился мужской баскетбольный турнир. Команда Казахстана в матче за третье...

Forward of Astana Vitaly Lapchenko assessed himself for the season 2014/2015 and told us about how he spends his off-season vacation.
– Are you satisfied with the results of their performances in the 2014/2015 season?
– I can say that I am not happy how I spent the season. It so happened that at the Asian Championship in 2014, during the semi-final game, taking the selection of a sprained ankle itself. The injury turned out to be quite complex, I had to wear a cast – starts talking Vitaly Lapchenko.
– By the training process did not come for a long time. I returned to the floor in the second half of the season. Of course, there were difficulties, I was so depressed mentally, start of the season for me was hard. I am very grateful to the club, which I fully support.
– One result is that we have achieved – I think that is good. By the end of the season and the guys gathered adequately defended hopes of fans, took place in the playoffs.
– Is playing basketball a dream of your childhood?
– In fact it is not (laughs). The fact that I became a basketball player – a matter of chance. I came late to basketball. My friend advised me to try his hand at basketball because of my height, at 16 years old I was 197 cm. I enjoyed it, I was good at it, went to a sports school in Almaty and started to show results.
– In which clubs did you perform?
– The first club was in my hometown Almaty, but these were the last years of the club. Then, the club changed its management, by the time I finished, and I was invited to the sports school in Aktau Kaspiy. As part of Kaspiy I have spent 3.5 years, which gave me the opportunity for self-realization.
– How happened the transfer to the Astana?
– Vitaly Strebkov first invited to the national team. And then in the Philippines, apparently, I was able to show myself, and then got an offer from BC Astana. I think anyone wants to be a player of Astana to represent his country at major international tournaments.
– At what tournaments is it fun to play?
– First of all, I have no status of League or Cup. For me the most important thing is to play basketball. Everywhere I have one goal. Same opponent's basket. And I try to enjoy every game and not look at the contenders.
– Now the team has off-season holiday. How do you relax?
– I am relaxing at home in Almaty. I really missed home, parents. They are the most precious thing I have. I do not often get to see them. Hopefully next season I will often invite them on a visit to Astana. They are retired and have more opportunities to come to me.
– Thank you for the interesting conversation, Vitaly! We wish you good rest and success in the next season!
– Thank you!