Первый матч сезона и первая победа! 09Октября Первый матч сезона и первая победа!

Вчера матчем между командами БК «Астана» и БК «Алматы Легион»,...

Презентация сезона 2014/15 БК «Астана», 7 октября, «Nazarbayev University» 08Октября Презентация сезона 2014/15 БК «Астана», 7 октября, «Nazarbayev University»

Баскетбольная «Астана» продолжает радовать своих болельщиков.Сразу после возращения спортсменов с...

Сборная Казахстана заняла 4 место на Азиатских Играх в Ичхоне 03Октября Сборная Казахстана заняла 4 место на Азиатских Играх в Ичхоне

Сегодня на 17-ых Азиатских играх в южнокорейском Ичхоне завершилась борьба...

Казахстан уступил Японии 03Октября Казахстан уступил Японии

Сегодня на Азиатских играх завершился мужской баскетбольный турнир. Команда Казахстана в матче за третье...

The VTB United League is excited to present the 4th season of the Fantasy League. Don't miss your chance to be part of the action! 

Manage your own team of VTB United League stars, prove you know your stuff, and win awesome prizes. A trip to the VTB United League finals is at stake, as well as valuable prizes and merchandise from the league, including a basketball autographed by each member of this season's championship team.

How do you play?
Register on www.basketvoice.com and select "VTB United League" as your competition.

Create a team using your virtual budget. Your goal is to sign players that will earn you the maximum number of points during the VTB United League regular season. You can buy and sell players throughout the season to improve your Fantasy League team. Your success depends on how well your players do in the actual games on the court.

For helpful advice and more information on the rules, please visit:http://www.basketvoice.com/index/standart/text/manual/lang/en

The Top 20 at the end of the regular season will be awarded valuable VTB United League souvenirs, while the contest winner will receive an official league basketball autographed by each player on the 2013-14 VTB United League championship team.

But that’s not all! The top three contestants in the Fantasy League at the end of the regular season receive an all-expenses paid trip to the playoff finals for their chance to win an incredible grand prize. They'll be competing against the top five finishers in the Prediction Contest.

At the 2012 Final Four in Vilnius, Andrey Rud (Belarus) won an iMac computer. Others, including Fantasy League winner Eimantas Jurgelinis, took home brand-new iPad 3 tablets.

During the 2012-13 season, at the playoff finals in Moscow, Georgi Nistratov (Kazan) won the grand prize – a MacBook Air. Other participants, including Fantasy League finalists Paulius Striukas(Lithuania), Denis Buravov (Russia) and Aleksandr Konovalov (Belarus) won iPad minis!

Last season during the CSKA – Nizhny Novgorod playoff finals, a MacBook Air was also up for grabs. Valentas Slaustas of Kaunas took home the prize, while the other finalists, including Fantasy Leaguecontestants Anatoly BuravovDenis Buravov (both Russia) and Paulius Striukas (Lithuania), picked up iPad minis.

Valuable prizes are in store for this year as well. Stay tuned for more information over the course of the season…

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